It is worth investigating whether the schools you are considering have an alumni organisation. It is undoubtedly a good sign if a school’s ex students want to stay in touch with it and with each other.

  • If a school has an alumni, or any kind of past students’ organisation, this shows that ex students have a loyalty to the institution.
  • If the school organises alumni events themselves, this shows that the institution is proud of its students’ achievements
  • An alumni organisation can inspire current students to be more ambitious, if they see successful role models who have passed through the same institution.
  • A school with an alumni organisation usually has a sense of its own history and traditions. This is an important consideration if this is the kind of environment you want your child to be educated in.
  • An alumni organisation often generates revenue. A better funded school usually means a better equipped school, able to offer a wider range of student provision.
  • It is not a cause for concern if a school does not have an alumni organisation. However, if a school has no contact whatsoever with its ex students, it does suggest a lack of concern for students’ futures and a lack of interest on the part of ex students in their old school.
  • Even if a school does not have a formal alumni organisation, there are lots of ways it could be keeping in contact with some of its ex students. For example, they could come in to take assemblies, help out in lessons or, send their own children to the school. All of these things are a good sign.
  • A school with a strong alumni tradition could give your child a sense of community long after their time at school has ended.

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Open Evening

Ask if the school an alumni organisation. Ask what events the school has which involve ex students. If the school does have an alumni group, ask if you can speak to one of its members – a recent ex student. If you do manage this, ask them why they want to stay in contact with the school – what do they see as the good things about the school? – what about the bad things? However, if you speak to a student who left a few years ago, remember how quickly schools can change.


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