A high ability student, Eve, joined School PH in Year 10. She was on course for grade Bs in English, but had the potential to achieve A*s. In English, her problem was not that she was lazy, or not bright enough. She had never achieved any higher than a B because she did not know what A* standard work looked like or how to achieve it. Her work so far had not been marked with appropriate targets on how to progress further. In her previous school, Eve just received ticks and ‘excellents’ on her work. In her new school’s English lessons, she received clear and specific targets. Eve was given worksheets which explained what each grade meant and what she would have to do to achieve the next grade. She was given an assessment every month, which was graded with explanations as to why the work was at that grade, and what she had to do to move to a higher grade. Eve eventually achieved two A*s in her English GCSEs.

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