Friendship Groups

At School WH a student in a Year 7 tutor group was being bullied by classmates. It turned out that the bullies were from her old primary school. When challenged about their bullying, the students came out with a long list of provocations they felt they had received from this student in primary school, and although the student was no longer provoking them in the same way, and had attempted to turn over a new leaf, old attitudes seemed to have died hard. It was interesting that the mother of the student being bullied had been persuaded to choose the secondary school because of pressure put on her by her daughter who claimed to her mother that she wanted to be with all her friends. As it transpired, sadly, she considered the students who were bullying her to be her friends from primary school, although they did not consider that they had ever been friends with her.Here, there was obviously a convoluted history of difficult relationships from primary school that was hindering  daughter at secondary school.The mother decided to move her daughter to a new secondary school in the hope that she could start afresh with new peers.

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