Grouping Arrangements

In School TH students were set in Maths. Billy was a talented mathematician, but in his first year at secondary school, he did not reach his potential.He was lazy, and although he picked up concepts quickly, Billy could not be bothered to write things down and work methodically. Consequently, when students were put into sets after the first term, Billy found himself in Set 3. At first he was motivated because he was easily top of the set, and could answer all of the questions faster than anybody else. However, after half a term, he lost his enthusiasm because the pace of the class was too slow for him. The teacher gave Billy differentiated work to stretch him, but because he saw it as extra work, which the other students did not get, he never pushed himself. His attention span grew shorter, and he participated in more low level disruption. By Year 10, Billy had matured, was able to apply himself and was no longer lazy. However, by this time, he had written Maths off because he was in the Set 4, and rarely did any work. Billy decided to concentrate on his other subjects. When he had arrived at secondary school, he was predicted a B/C grade in Maths. In the end, he achieved an E.

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