Head Teacher

School Y had a very good reputation. Essentially, this was because council housing had been demolished in its local area and private housing had replaced it. Consequently, the school’s client group had changed and results had risen dramatically.The Head teacher took all the credit and was labelled a ‘super Head’ by the press. She was used by the government to promote any of their new initiatives in education. She wrote columns for the press, and was frequently consulted by the media on educational issues. She was rarely seen in the school. Were it not for the Deputy, the school would have lost the luck it had been dealt with its change of client group.The Deputy ran the school and was the de facto Head. She was both formidable and approachable. She was inspirational, organised and had good relationships with staff, students and parents, all of whom were loyal to her. She was unafraid of new initiatives which would raise the attainment of her students and enhance their experience of education. Because of the Deputy head, it was a school I would have no hesitation sending my own child to.

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