Learning Mentors

Michael was a very bright student, who had been in and out of trouble at school ever since he began his education. He had been permanently excluded from one primary school after a succession of violent tantrums, one of which culminated in chair throwing. It was by chance that he ended up at a secondary School L, where there were two outstanding learning mentors, one an ex primary school teacher, and one, an ex social worker. Michael was referred to the learning mentors after a term at the secondary school, having already received two fixed term exclusions for violent, overreactive behaviour. Very quickly, the learning mentors worked out a programme with Michael  which reduced his excesses and, although he was by no means a star pupil, he managed to stay at school. Because he was bright, in Year 10, he actually started to make significant progress in certain subjects, and at the end of the year, he won the school’s prize for most improved pupil. He did not feature in the school’s league table statistics, because he did not get five or more A*–C GCSE grades, and did not meet his potential. However,the huge achievement was that he stayed at school. After working in a supermarket for a year after leaving school, he went to college and did a vocational course in catering. He is now a chef.

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