Ofsted Reports

Jonathan’s parents wanted him to get into School F which had a grade 2 ‘good’overall in a recent Ofsted report, largely because the school had a grade 1 for the section ‘attainment.’ The grades students attained at GCSE were significantly above average. He did not get a place at this school, but at School G which actually had a better Ofsted report, still with a grade 2 ‘good’ overall, but with some ‘outstanding’ grade 1 features.Their grade for ‘attainment’ was 3, because the grades the students attained at GCSE were broadly average based upon their ability. In his first year at School G, Jonathan was happy, not achieving to his potential, but his underperformance was not dramatic. His parents still wanted him to go to school F. After only two terms, Jonathan got a place at school F, but he felt like a fish out of water. He found the pace too demanding, the expectations too high, and instead of trying to keep up, he gave up and his achievement rapidly declined. After a year, his parents sent him to a third school whose Ofsted report was an overall grade 3, but it was deemed to be on the up, it had just got a new Head teacher and had plenty of potential for improvement. Jonathan flourished at this school, because he was one of the highest achieving students. He very quickly got into their gifted and talented programme. The group of gifted and talented students was small, and Jonathan felt special, enjoying being a big fish in a small pond. In Year 11 Jonathan got ten GCSEs grades at A*–C, with four A* grades.

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