Over- Under- subscription

A student teacher decided to carry out some observations in two schools, one, an oversubscribed school in an affluent area, the other, an undersubscribed school in a less affluent part of town. She was expecting to find the first school the easier option to work in.The oversubscribed school had a slightly higher value added score than its undersubscribed counterpart, and much higher GCSE results.However, the student teacher was surprised to find that student behaviour was significantly worse in the oversubscribed school. The teachers there put up with a much higher incidence of low level disruption. The student teacher deduced that this was because everybody had to try a lot less hard to get the results than in the undersubscribed school. In the undersubscribed school, the student teacher found that the students were expected to be more polite, and to work harder. Staff had more ideas and were less complacent. The student teacher decided to do her teaching practice in the undersubscribed school.

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