School Library

In P School there was a modern,well funded library. Displays were always kept up to date, new books were ordered regularly, the library environment was maintained immaculately. However, the librarian was scared of children. He refused to go into any classes to present books, even with the class teacher present. He refused to run any pupil activities himself. He would not have a scheme of student librarians. He would not speak in assemblies, and was not confident to chase students up if they failed to return their books. Therefore, the library was immaculate because it was never used. Students had no relationship with the librarian, so were not connected to the library. The only time the library was used was during wet breaks,when a member of the senior staff had to go and turn disruptive students out, because the librarian could not deal with them. In P school, had the library been removed completely, I am convinced there would have been no lowering of attainment among students, and very few people would have noticed any difference, apart from the librarian.

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