Special Educational Needs

School F had a strong special needs department. At this school, Wendy was top of all her classes. She had never been referred to the special needs department in her school life.When she was in Year 10, her mother died. It was a critical time in Wendy’s academic career. Her father could not cope, and Wendy’s achievement suffered. She was referred to the special needs department. The department did her laundry for her, because her father, in his grief had lost any interest in personal hygiene. Wendy had exam anxiety and the special needs department worked through the panic attacks with her. After school Wendy helped students in the SEN department with their homework. This helped her regain her confidence, and made her more able to take on an adult role at home. She did not feel like doing the revision she needed to at home, and explaining concepts to other students when helping them with their homework worked as effective revision for her. When GCSE results were published Wendy underachieved in only one subject area.

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