Transition and Induction

Peter was very excited about learning when he was at primary school. He could be distracted in class, but for the most part he received very good reports, and achieved level 5s in his Key Stage 2 SATs. He got a place at the secondary school where most of his friends went. It had a good reputation, but had become complacent, and was not on an upward trend. On the induction day the staff did not seem to show much interest in the students. Peter actually found his taster lessons rather boring. All the exciting things he was looking forward to, like having a Science lesson in the laboratory, using the gym,and Drama studio were not part of the day. There was an assembly for all the new students, and Peter told his mother that it took the Head of Year a long time to get everybody quiet. Peter did not meet the Head teacher on his taster day. At lunchtime, Peter met a few older boys who were smoking at the back of the school. They were not unfriendly. In fact Peter was more excited by this event than anything else he had experienced that day. After this taster day, Peter began his secondary school career more excited about hanging around with the bigger boys, than his learning.

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