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The local media can sometimes be a good place to help research which school might be right for your child.

  • It is a good sign if a school has a positive profile in the local media. If a school is regularly featured in a variety of upbeat stories, it shows that the school is pro-active, celebrates success and wants to get involved in the local community.
  • If you read a story that puts the school in a negative light, it is important to read between the lines. If a crime takes place outside a school, it is not necessarily an issue for the students’ learning. It is also common for students to go to another school to cause problems. If the article is about bullying, then it could be prompted by a parent who is bitter about treatment received from the school and is consequently distorting the facts.
  • However, if over a 6 month period, there is a series of negative stories about a school in the local media, then this is a cause for concern.
  • If the school does not feature in the local media at all, then that is not necessarily a bad thing. It does suggest that the school is not working hard to promote itself, but this might be because it feels it does not have to.

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Local Media

Look in the local paper for at least 6 months before you decide which school to send your child to, and monitor schools’ representation in the press.


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