Facilities and Resources

There are standard resources that all schools should have. For example, all secondary schools should have established the ratio of one computer for every five students by August 2004. However, some schools will have more extensive resources than others because of additional sources of income. Resources can certainly impact upon a school’s achievements but do not in themselves guarantee success. The key for parents is to judge how well schools make use of their resources.

facilities and resources

  • Specialist schools received  an extra sum per pupil annually over five years and a one off capital grant of £150,000 to dedicate to their specialist area. This funding ceased from 2011.
  • If schools have an active PTA, they often have extra resources acquired through its fundraising.
  • Some schools will share facilities with partners, such as leisure centres. Others can use off site facilities like local swimming pools.
  • Sometimes a child will want to go to a school because of what the resources look like. For example, boys are often wooed by schools which are attached to leisure centres, because they have extensive sports’ facilities. However, the sports’ facilities might not have much impact on the success of the school as a whole, or even, for that matter, the success of the PE department. It is often facilities which provoke most argument between parents and their children over which school is the best to choose.
  • Location impacts upon resources. Inner city schools often suffer from a lack of outside space, with a consequent impact upon the taught curriculum and after school activities like sports clubs. Schools in less urban areas may have more land and be able to offer a wider variety of after school sports activities on site.
  • If basic resources are missing, like new books in the library, or CD players in the Languages Department then this is a cause for concern. Such deficiencies may indicate that the school has serious financial management issues and, if this were the case, it would not be the right place for your child.
  • If your child has a particular interest in a subject which relies on extensive resourcing, then it is important to take this into consideration. For example, if your child loves photography, it would be ideal if the school had a dark room and a photography club. Similarly, if their specialism is music, look out for a well equipped music suite. A specialist school whose specialism matches your child’s interests could be a school to consider seriously, because their resources in that particular area should be extensive.

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Make sure you view resources, particularly in subjects your child has a special interest in. Remember, there may be some additional facilities that the school has access to that are not on site.


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