Faith Schools

Around 630 secondary schools are faith schools and the overwhelming majority of these are Christian.  Many of the  academy schools established pre May 2010 have Christian sponsors, and many of the proposed Free schools are faith schools.

faith schools

  • Faith schools have separate admissions criteria to other schools in the local education authority. It is important to research these if you want your child to go to a faith secondary school.
  • It might be that you are interested in faith schools because of the way religion is taught. Voluntary-aided faith schools concentrate upon their own faith. Voluntary-controlled or foundation schools teach a religious education syllabus with a more multi-faith approach.
  • There is a common perception that faith schools have a strong work ethos and character. This is certainly the case in some faith schools, but it should not necessarily be taken as the norm. You need to view faith schools with the same critical eye as non-faith schools.

Further Information


Different denominations and faiths have their own websites detailing school provision.


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