Feeder Schools

A secondary school’s feeder schools are the primary schools from which it receives students. A secondary school’s size, location and catchment determines which feeder and how many feeder schools it has. Some secondary schools have three or four feeders, others forty or more.

feeder schools

  • Schools which have a large variety of feeder primary schools can be a good choice if you want your child to have a sense of a fresh start and meet new people.
  • Schools with only a few feeder schools can give your child a sense of continuity and security, if they attended one of the feeders.
  • If a child joins a secondary from one of its main feeder schools, it is likely the secondary school will have knowledge of their primary school. This can aid the smoothness of transition.

Further Information

Open Evening

A senior manager will be able to tell you the number of feeder schools the secondary school has, and what the main feeders are.

Primary School

Your child’s current primary school can tell you what secondary schools it feeds into.


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