Middle Schools

Middle schools take students from Years 5 to 8, age 9 to 13. Most local education authorities in England do not have middle schools. They have a junior and secondary school system with students starting secondary school in Year 7. However, a minority of local education authorities have a system where all students go from a primary or first school, to a middle school to a high school.

  • Middle schools are usually smaller than secondary schools, and so can be more accessible and less alienating.
  • Middle schools give students access to specialist teachers and facilities, for example, Science teachers in Science laboratories, earlier than the secondary school system does.
  • However, middle schools usually have fewer specialist staff and facilities than secondary schools, so in Years 7 and 8 your child could miss out on specialist subject teaching, such as Drama.
  • A middle school system might give a student a disjointed experience, because they are educated at more schools than in the primary/ secondary system.

Further Information


You can find out from your own and neighbouring LEAs whether there are middle schools close to you.


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