Neighbouring Schools

When deciding upon the school for your child, it is important to investigate its neighbours, as they can impact on its status and success.

  • A grammar school in an area where most schools are comprehensive, will have an effect on the intake of all neighbouring schools, even those in a different LEA. It is inevitable that the grammar school will cream off many higher ability students, which will leave neighbouring schools without the ‘top’ ten percent of students by academic ability in their cohorts.
  • Popular single sex schools can affect the intake of their neighbouring mixed schools by leaving them with a gender imbalance.
  • The intake of an under-subscribed school will be affected by an over-subscribed school in the same area. Some students will attend the under-subscribed school only until they can move to a vacancy at the oversubscribed school. Their move may have a negative effect on the value added score of the under-subscribed school.
  • If there are schools which can select, for example academies, faith, or specialist in an area, then neighbouring schools may lose students as a result.
  • If there is an academy or a brand new school in the area, then this can have an effect on neighbouring schools. A school that was once oversubscribed can become undersubscribed because of demand for places at a brand new school nearby, or because of the high promotion of an academy.
  • It is important to bear in mind then that the GCSE results and value added score of a school are likely to be affected by its neighbours.

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When choosing the right school for your child, research its neighbours too. They can give you key information about your preferred school.

Open Evening

If a school you are interested in is in the same locality as a single sex school, ask them about gender ratios in their classes.

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